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Services-->Software Devlopment

            Chinnam Technologies will work closely with you to develop a system that fits your needs. We will show you our progress week by week and allow you to make changes as you go to make sure that the final product is exactly what you want.
           We will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate development methodology for your project, based on its' scale, requirements and level of analysis already undertaken. At codeCreation,
          we have a proven track record of providing quality software solutions that precisely meet our client’s requirements; delivered on time, and to budget. Through a process of continual consultation, our clients are always involved at every stage of the project development lifecycle. This approach means that there are no surprises when the final system is delivered.                         Our project development processes are completely transparent, and our clients are invited to take as much of an active role as they wish. All of our project development plans and documents are kept securely online using Microsoft SharePoint.


            You will be issued with a username and password, and can freely view all of the product documentation and project plans whenever you choose. This repository is also used as the sole repository of documentation by our internal project management and technical teams, so you see what we see and are always up-to-date.

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