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Technology-->Application Portfolio & Consulting

      Application portfolio management has become an integral part of any IT organization. The portfolio encompasses a suite of business critical applications at varying stages of their life expectancy. Some of the decisions that revolve around managing a portfolio are to identify and validate:  

  Business Strategy and  IT Strategy Alignment
  Applications Transition
  Applications Modernization
  Applications  Enhancement
Applications Integration
  Applications Maintenance and Support .

             It requires a mature and expert IT team to understand the portfolio requirements and recommend effective roadmaps. Datamatics has experience in aiding global organizations with managing their IT application portfolio effectively.  We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements thoroughly. Our portfolio consulting practice has developed industry-specific methodologies to help address a wider range of challenges.Our understanding of technology and industry in combination with our rich experience helps us adopt a risk-mitigated approach to any application portfolio.

Custom Application Development:

          Chinnam Technologies offers a right combination of technical expertise and functional knowledge to address effectively enterprise requirements, and we keep abreast of the latest trends in technologies and development methodologies. We have expertise in the traditional waterfall approach as well as in emerging ones like Agile and other iterative methodologies. Our structured approach helps recommend the best technology solution for the customer requirements.

Application Testing:

          Today, testing of software applications is becoming an essential part of the software life cycle. It is estimated that the money lost because of lack of testing can amount to billions of dollars. The loss is accentuated by loss of productivity, increased customer dissatisfaction, loss of time and performance.

          Chinnam Technologies offers a comprehensive testing service to global enterprises that can contribute at each stage of the software life cycle. We address all aspects of testing like White box, Black box and System testing. And we have expertise in automated testing tool suites like Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director, Rational Test Studio, Silk Suite and Jtests.

          Chinnam Technologies leverages its domain and technical expertise to maximize business performance for its customers. Our “Testing and Training Team” approaches testing to improve the quality of the application rather than detecting defects.

Application Maintenance:

          It is estimated that close to 70% of a typical IT budget is earmarked purely for maintenance and support of existing IT systems. Enterprises have invested significant dollars on existing IT systems and in the current situation of reduced budgets and fewer resources hesitate to change the status quo. In this situation, the importance of dependable and high quality maintenance and support cannot be over emphasized.

          Chinnam Technologies has been assisting global companies successfully with their application maintenance and support requirements for several years. We offer some services to customers, like Application Maintainability Analysis, Application Maintenance, Application Support and Help Desk. And we offer Corrective and Preventive maintenance services to our customers.

Application Transformation & Re-Engineering:

          In today's age of e-business, global enterprises need to constantly assess their IT portfolio and identify applications that need to be transformed or modernized. The drivers for this initiative are expansion in functionality of application, sharing of applications with business partners, higher bandwidth for maintenance of legacy systems and increased costs for maintenance.

          Chinnam Technologies can be a trusted partner to an enterprise's application transformation and modernization efforts. We offer a comprehensive range of services, like Application Porting, Application Reengineering , Data Migration ,Technology Migration ,Re-Hosting.

Enterprise Application Integration:

          In today's climate, many businesses are realizing that they must now integrate all systems to remain competitive. This is where Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technology comes into play; trying to build a bridge between systems intra-enterprise and external to the enterprise. EAI provides a platform for businesses to connect applications and other data sources, providing the 'glue' that sticks varying applications together. Enterprises can realize significant cost benefits from implementing an EAI strategy.

           Chinnam Technologies is well-equipped to handle EAI requirements based on its expertise across multiple platforms, knowledge of EAI technology and tools and domain expertise. Our expertise in EAI has brought about crucial benefits to our customers including, Improved ROI on IT assets, Improved supply chain collaboration ,Improved visibility of business applications & Reduced costs.

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